Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!!

As always, I am a few days late with my well-wishing but I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable time while celebrating. We spent our time with my mom while she recovered from her carpal tunnel surgery. You don't realize how much you can't do until you only can use one hand. She is doing great now, she gets her stitches out at the end of the week and will wait to see what the doc has to say. However, she still needs to have the other hand done too. You would think she sat typing all day long, but she's a nurse.

I spent the last two days at home trying to clean up from not being home over the holidays. There is still a lot to do in my opinion but the Christmas decorations are put away, which was my main goal. Returning to work today was not what I would call my favorite thing of the day. We are moving to a new location over the course of three weeks and there seems to be a huge push to get things done before we move. My thoughts are that the same complaining students will still be complaining when we get to our new building.

My husband has decided to join my in our weight loss efforts. He is dedicated to starting the Biggest Loser Weight-Loss Yoga DVD with me and counting our points WW style. We are looking for a treadmill, which is boring to some but I tend to enjoy. Of course he always tends to lose his weight super fast which discourages me....but not this time!! Discouragement is for the birds!


  1. That kid is absolutely adorable. I love the shirt!!
    Hope your mom is feeling better soon!! Good luck on the move and on the weight loss with the hubby!

  2. Cute picture! Hope your mom has a very quick recovery from her surgery. My husband can lose weight with no effort at all and I have to struggle for every pound lost. It can be discouraging, but I think it is just harder for women so I try not to compare my progress to his. Happy new Year to you and your family.

  3. Your little one is such a cutie! I thnk it's a guy thing - my DH seems to be able to lose weight faster than me too!
    I wanted to thank you for stopping by on my SITS day (I know that this is a million days late!)