Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nine Months......

I am so sorry about my tiredness rant in my last post, it was just one of those days. But on a much more positive and upbeat note, my little guy is 9 months old today. It's crazy how much he has grown and how every time I read about a new baby being born I can remember almost every detail of Scott's birth like it was yesterday.

He is learning to clap and still standing around. He isn't too interested in walking yet but he does push his walker around the kitchen. The beagles have become much more of an interest and he is into everything...the cabinets, the computer, the toilet, the garbage can. We are also trying to teach him how to give a high five. He thinks that it's really fun. He has also developed into a big flirt. If he sees a lady, no matter what the age, he will catch their eye and smile. He loves the girls.