Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Helping MOM

Bless my mom's heart as she is trying to go back to school after 30+ years. My mom is a diploma nurse from the "old days" as she would say, which means that she went to nursing school, graduated and is a Registered Nurse. But she doesn't have a bachelor's degree to go with it. Many nurses have this and I think she always thought about going back to try but she didn't have the confidence to settle in and do it. I also think that she wanted to make sure her three kids were off and on their own.

So recently she decided to attempt to get her bachelor's of science in nursing. The problem: she hasn't take a class in years and she isn't all that familiar with a computer. Don't get me wrong, she can navigate the Internet like a beginner but when you start to incorporate Microsoft Office programs she is completely lost.

She started a few weeks and she is trying. However, she doesn't have anyone around to help her, and those that can she doesn't ask. So she calls me and my husband for help...YIKES. This is something I don't have patience for; I want to I really do. It is just so hard for me to help people over the phone with things (good thing I don't do that for a living). I have however helped her with some of her assignments which I don't mind doing. Bill, the wonderful man that he is, helps her with her computer issues. I have no idea how he does it, but he deals with her very calmly and with great patience.

To her credit she has attempted many things on her own for this course and I hope she continues to do so as it gives her more confidence. She gets really flustered when she gets confused and she needs to be reminded to take a deep breath. I hope she is able to stick this out as she has mentioned trying to go on to get her master's degree as well. I know she can do it and it gives me more of my mom to look up to.


  1. Good for her going back to school. I totally understand what you mean. I don't have patience for those type of things either.

  2. What a great goal!! I'm sure she is going to do just fine!