Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scott's First Shopping Cart Ride

Before our company came to visit this past Saturday, Scott and I made a trip to TJ Maxx. I was delighted to make my first trip to DeKalb's store. Instead of lugging in the baby carrier, I decided that I would try to put Scott in the shopping cart seat. I didn't have the shopping cart cover (which I will be putting in the cars very soon) but I did have a blanket and I brought his monkey doll along.

It started out great as seen in the picture but soon turned into the following:

- leaning over to try and suck on the shopping cart

- screaming because he didn't like the strap around his chest

- leaning over to try and suck on the shopping cart again

- tossing his monkey doll on the ground

- screaming until I picked him up

So after this adventure I decided that if I were to do this all again I would need the shopping cart cover so he wouldn't have his mouth on the actual shopping cart, that the cover may help him to sit up a little bit better and that my little boy really just wants to be held most of the time. Oh well, I'm sure next time will bring some fun with it too.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Beagles

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce Ted and Shiloh. They were my first two babies. Ted is 6 and the bigger of the two and Shiloh is around 2 years old. Ted and I have been through a lot together and he is my buddy. I decided one day that I wanted a beagle so my mom and I set out to look for a beagle puppy and there was Ted. He has his own personality. Shiloh joined us in February 08. She is an absolute doll and loves my husband Bill terribly. They are complete opposites which makes our lives an adventure.

This picture is from this past weekend after my brother and sister-in-law left with their two Puggles, Layla and Wrigley and my mom had left with one of her dogs, Libby.

And yes they do sleep with Bill and I in our bed and yes they do like to sleep under the covers.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Sandwich Fair

So this past weekend we took a little break and drove down to Sandwich for their fair.  Bill and I went last year and had fun walking around.  It's always fun to eat fried fair food and that's exactly what I did.  Bill didn't partake as much as I did.  After the chocolate covered strawberries, vinegar fries, and fried green tomatoes we walked Scott through the FFA petting zoo.  There was a huge line, which I think is crazy because it is just farm animals but maybe it's just because I can go home and pet most of these animals at any time.  He seemed really intrigued by the baby chicks and ducks.  I also had entered a few pictures that I took in the open show, but I didn't win anything. 

Goodbye Apartment, Hello Our New House!

So we finally did it.....we left our small 2 bedroom apartment and moved into our house. For those that don't know, Bill and I signed a contract back in January to have a house built. It was a big step in our lives but we knew that we didn't want to raise Scott in an apartment and space was becoming tight. We moved West near DeKalb and signed with a builder. It is a fairly new subdivision that is growing despite the downturn in the economy. We built a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with a loft and a basement. We closed on the house on September 4th and started moving in that day. There is still a lot of boxes in our garage, but we have lots of time to get settled.
Our small town has around 4,000 people. There is a brand new elementary school. We have many of the same stores that we had before. My commute is longer, but well worth it. It's not so bad so far and there are many people that drive a shorter distance but are in the car longer. Bill's commute is the just about the same, but less traffic. We are all so happy to be here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I haven't been able to blog in days because we moved!! Yeah for us....I will post more about the new place soon. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Enchilada Bake.....Check!

So my wonderful hubby made the enchilada bake last night and it was delightful!!  He said that if I was going to blog about then I needed to mention the fact that he changed the recipe up a bit too.  Instead of ground beef he used a steak that he had grilled and seasnoned the other night and he used salsa verde instead of regular salsa.  It was awesome and I can't wait for the leftovers tonight.

My husband told me that today I needed to get out for lunch.  I never really do this because I either do work while I eat or I take the time to check up on my favorite blogs.  So I ventured out to Once Upon A Child, a childrens consignment shop in Villa Park looking for Halloween costumes.  Maybe I was hoping for something better but this place was a mess..toys on the floor, piles of stuff laying around.  They had a big selection of clothes and I believe that they don't have costumes out yet but it just gave me a weird vibe.  I bought Scott three new outfits (which he doesn't need) and this musical item that can attach to the end of his crib and he can kick at it to make noise. Despite my good purchases I think I will go to the St. Charles location next time.

I also went to Wendy's.....my new favorite fast food place.  I am in love with their Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken Boneless Wings.  I have tried the Bold Buffalo, but the Asian is where its at.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Handmade Home

I also wanted to make mention of Handmade Home, by Amanda Blake Soule. Lately I have been following Amanda's blog, http://www.soulemama.com/.  She is full of wonderful and simple ideas for repurposing items along with lovely stories about her family and their adventures.  I purchased her book this weekend and I can't wait to dig in to see what goodies I can make....of course that has to wait until after the big move.