Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Enchilada Bake.....Check!

So my wonderful hubby made the enchilada bake last night and it was delightful!!  He said that if I was going to blog about then I needed to mention the fact that he changed the recipe up a bit too.  Instead of ground beef he used a steak that he had grilled and seasnoned the other night and he used salsa verde instead of regular salsa.  It was awesome and I can't wait for the leftovers tonight.

My husband told me that today I needed to get out for lunch.  I never really do this because I either do work while I eat or I take the time to check up on my favorite blogs.  So I ventured out to Once Upon A Child, a childrens consignment shop in Villa Park looking for Halloween costumes.  Maybe I was hoping for something better but this place was a on the floor, piles of stuff laying around.  They had a big selection of clothes and I believe that they don't have costumes out yet but it just gave me a weird vibe.  I bought Scott three new outfits (which he doesn't need) and this musical item that can attach to the end of his crib and he can kick at it to make noise. Despite my good purchases I think I will go to the St. Charles location next time.

I also went to Wendy' new favorite fast food place.  I am in love with their Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken Boneless Wings.  I have tried the Bold Buffalo, but the Asian is where its at.

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