Monday, September 21, 2009

The Beagles

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce Ted and Shiloh. They were my first two babies. Ted is 6 and the bigger of the two and Shiloh is around 2 years old. Ted and I have been through a lot together and he is my buddy. I decided one day that I wanted a beagle so my mom and I set out to look for a beagle puppy and there was Ted. He has his own personality. Shiloh joined us in February 08. She is an absolute doll and loves my husband Bill terribly. They are complete opposites which makes our lives an adventure.

This picture is from this past weekend after my brother and sister-in-law left with their two Puggles, Layla and Wrigley and my mom had left with one of her dogs, Libby.

And yes they do sleep with Bill and I in our bed and yes they do like to sleep under the covers.

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