Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nine Months......

I am so sorry about my tiredness rant in my last post, it was just one of those days. But on a much more positive and upbeat note, my little guy is 9 months old today. It's crazy how much he has grown and how every time I read about a new baby being born I can remember almost every detail of Scott's birth like it was yesterday.

He is learning to clap and still standing around. He isn't too interested in walking yet but he does push his walker around the kitchen. The beagles have become much more of an interest and he is into everything...the cabinets, the computer, the toilet, the garbage can. We are also trying to teach him how to give a high five. He thinks that it's really fun. He has also developed into a big flirt. If he sees a lady, no matter what the age, he will catch their eye and smile. He loves the girls.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Tired - A Vent

I'm tired of listening to people make silly complaints about things that are their fault.

I'm tired of of watching people flutter around because they think they need to be involved in every little thing.

I'm tired of watching crazy drivers dart in and out across four lanes of traffic at 6:45 in the morning.

I'm tired of listening to my beagle Ted bark at any little thing he sees (I do love him so very much though.)

I'm tired of cars that speed up while you are trying to pass them.

I'm tired of driving an hour to work and another hour from work every day (but it must be done.)

I'm tired of political ads on television.

I'm tired of not having time to do anything in the evenings.

I'm tired of people that are mean to animals, especially doggies.

I'm tired of people blaming others for their own problems.

I'm tired of being tired in the mornings (but coffee helps this problem).

But I must stop complaining or I will be tired of doing that too.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Helping MOM

Bless my mom's heart as she is trying to go back to school after 30+ years. My mom is a diploma nurse from the "old days" as she would say, which means that she went to nursing school, graduated and is a Registered Nurse. But she doesn't have a bachelor's degree to go with it. Many nurses have this and I think she always thought about going back to try but she didn't have the confidence to settle in and do it. I also think that she wanted to make sure her three kids were off and on their own.

So recently she decided to attempt to get her bachelor's of science in nursing. The problem: she hasn't take a class in years and she isn't all that familiar with a computer. Don't get me wrong, she can navigate the Internet like a beginner but when you start to incorporate Microsoft Office programs she is completely lost.

She started a few weeks and she is trying. However, she doesn't have anyone around to help her, and those that can she doesn't ask. So she calls me and my husband for help...YIKES. This is something I don't have patience for; I want to I really do. It is just so hard for me to help people over the phone with things (good thing I don't do that for a living). I have however helped her with some of her assignments which I don't mind doing. Bill, the wonderful man that he is, helps her with her computer issues. I have no idea how he does it, but he deals with her very calmly and with great patience.

To her credit she has attempted many things on her own for this course and I hope she continues to do so as it gives her more confidence. She gets really flustered when she gets confused and she needs to be reminded to take a deep breath. I hope she is able to stick this out as she has mentioned trying to go on to get her master's degree as well. I know she can do it and it gives me more of my mom to look up to.

Friday, January 22, 2010

La La La La......Time Off

For working an "extra" job at work over the course of the past few weeks my manager has been trying to find some way to compensate me so she let me take a half day today. This was absolutely a delight to me because it meant I got to spend the afternoon with my baby boy. We ran some errands and finally came home to a bottle and a nap. I woke him up around 6 so he wouldn't keep sleeping and then wake up around midnight. Having a baby that sleeps through the night most of the time is great and I selfishly don't want to change that.

Once he got up we played and I had the TV on whatever it had been on all day. Around 7 pm the celebrity special for Haiti came on. I wasn't really paying any attention to it, but I noticed that Scott was. He would stop what he was doing to watch the singing. Stevie Wonder, Shakira, and Mary J. Blige stopped him in his tracks.

He has always seemed to have a love of music. When he was itty bitty (my term for anything younger then he is now) we would listen to kid music in the car and it would quiet him. Some songs would work better then others, but he seems to always enjoy listening to it. We also play a CD for him at night when he sleeps. Recently one of his favorite toys is this little thing that plays classical music. It has a round button and lights up when it the music plays. He gets so excited to see this toy.

His love for music this early in life may not mean a thing, but I'm hoping it at least gives him an appreciation for it. I think that music is a joy that should be shared with little ones and hopefully Scott will continue to want to know more.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Yes, that is a bruise on his forehead

This was the first big bruise that my baby boy got when I was around. Of course I felt like a bad mom because I wasn't watching when he hit his head and when I got to him he was wailing. The bump swelled up and turned purple fast. He was better when mommy came to get him. I worried so much about him that I texted my husband (who was at work) and I called my mom. They both said he would be fine and to just keep an eye on him and they were right he was. Luckily it's gone now and my mom guilt has faded. However, I'm sure there will be more bruises to come.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Red or Blonde

I have been thinking about what color to keep my hair. I was blonde (very blonde) as a child and didn't color my hair until after high school. Then I went on my red kick but I didn't have the guts to dye it really red until my wedding. I loved my hair color at my wedding, but some times I would love for it to be blonde again. Hmmm...this is a tough one. Right now I would say it is a brassy blonde, which I am not fond of so I need to make a decision soon. I put pictures of me as a red head and then as a little blondie (that's my cousin and brother in the pic too.)

Any thoughts??

Friday, January 15, 2010

Reebok Easytone Sneakers - Review #1

I first spied these puppies on a television commercial and they peeked my interest. I then saw them in a magazine and I became even more curious. So I looked into them a little more and even became a "fan" of Reebok Women on Facebook. I have talked with my husband about them and pulled up the Reebok website. But I have never purchased a $100 pair of shoes in my life....OK I have bought two pair of Uggs but that doesn't really count.

One day my wonderful hubby realized that he had a $25 gift certificate that I could use towards the shoes and he could possibly come up with a coupon as well. And he did..that is he found a $10 off coupon for Dick's Sporting Goods and with a guarantee of $35 off the shoes we went on our way to find them.

Blue, Green or White...were the choices I had for colors. After trying on two different sizes, I came home a blue pair of size 9's. I must say I have been wearing them around the house and I can feel the muscles in my booty tightening more often, not so much in my legs but hey if it can help the flabby booty muscles then I am game.

How do they work?? Well Reebok says balance pods are built-in under the heel and forefoot of the shoes. The balance pods are designed to create natural instability with every step which forces your muscles to adapt and encourages toning. It targets the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and calves.

Below are a couple pictures to share of my new shoes:

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Fantastic Idea - Valentine's Day Card Swap

The lovely Melissa is hosting a Valentine's Day Card Swap over at her blog. It's such a sweet idea that is encouraging the use of leaving positive comments and you get to meet a fellow blogger. If you are interested head on over to her blog and follow the instructions (and don't forget to check out the progress of her running)...the deadline is January 14th.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!!

As always, I am a few days late with my well-wishing but I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable time while celebrating. We spent our time with my mom while she recovered from her carpal tunnel surgery. You don't realize how much you can't do until you only can use one hand. She is doing great now, she gets her stitches out at the end of the week and will wait to see what the doc has to say. However, she still needs to have the other hand done too. You would think she sat typing all day long, but she's a nurse.

I spent the last two days at home trying to clean up from not being home over the holidays. There is still a lot to do in my opinion but the Christmas decorations are put away, which was my main goal. Returning to work today was not what I would call my favorite thing of the day. We are moving to a new location over the course of three weeks and there seems to be a huge push to get things done before we move. My thoughts are that the same complaining students will still be complaining when we get to our new building.

My husband has decided to join my in our weight loss efforts. He is dedicated to starting the Biggest Loser Weight-Loss Yoga DVD with me and counting our points WW style. We are looking for a treadmill, which is boring to some but I tend to enjoy. Of course he always tends to lose his weight super fast which discourages me....but not this time!! Discouragement is for the birds!