Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scott's First Shopping Cart Ride

Before our company came to visit this past Saturday, Scott and I made a trip to TJ Maxx. I was delighted to make my first trip to DeKalb's store. Instead of lugging in the baby carrier, I decided that I would try to put Scott in the shopping cart seat. I didn't have the shopping cart cover (which I will be putting in the cars very soon) but I did have a blanket and I brought his monkey doll along.

It started out great as seen in the picture but soon turned into the following:

- leaning over to try and suck on the shopping cart

- screaming because he didn't like the strap around his chest

- leaning over to try and suck on the shopping cart again

- tossing his monkey doll on the ground

- screaming until I picked him up

So after this adventure I decided that if I were to do this all again I would need the shopping cart cover so he wouldn't have his mouth on the actual shopping cart, that the cover may help him to sit up a little bit better and that my little boy really just wants to be held most of the time. Oh well, I'm sure next time will bring some fun with it too.

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