Tuesday, March 16, 2010

C25K, Cake and Beautiful Weather

As I previously had blogged my brother said that he would go to my birthday party if I ran in a 5K with him that morning (I have a feeling he would go even if I didn't run). Well I have officially begun my training. I started the Couch to 5K running program to get started. I started Week 2 Day 1 this afternoon and I seem to have my breathing under control. It's my ankles that are bothering me. I know the following: I need new shoes (desperately) and I have horrible ankles. My dear athletic trainer hubby has offered to tape my loose ankles for me every morning. I'm hoping they start to feel better once my body gets used to jogging again. And I signed up for the 5K along with my brother, so now there is no looking back as I've spent the money and I'm not going to waste it :)

Oh the wedding cake.....I have a few weeks left before my cousin's wedding. Why oh why did I even consider making the cake. I have requested the two days off before the wedding to prepare and now I am working on the ingredients. I plan on doing at least one more test run on the icing before the big day too. This process has definitely made me rethink my future decisions to make a wedding cake.

The temperature has been awesome lately. I would love to say the weather has been perfect, but the rain has hindered some fun outside time with the little guy. But when the sun has shown itself I have loved it. I truly can't wait for summer....which reminds me I am going to play softball this spring!!! I was asked if I wanted to play on a coed rec league and after thinking about it I said yes. I haven't played softball in close to 10 years....in fact the last time I played I got to play the US Olympic team before they went on to play at the Olympics in 2000. It will truly be an experience this spring.

Here are some cell phone pictures of our weather and one of the little guy!! (My camera is in the shop AGAIN.)

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