Monday, December 21, 2009

WW, My Little Bro and Meeting Santa

First of all, I am extremely sad that Weight Watchers has ended at work. Our leader was unable to make our last meeting so we didn't get to weigh-in. There are other options such as going to an off-site location or just hoping that a new group starts in the new year. The problem is that we are moving to two new locations in January and it will split our group. Rumor has it though that another group that is coming to our location had a group as well. Personally I find it so much easier for myself with my WW group at work.

This weekend my little brother Sam came for Christmas from Vet school. Lucky kid, he goes to school on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. He said he is ready to come home and has even put in for a transfer to a state school. I think it would be fun to go to school on an island and live in 90 degree weather but he has his reasons. He stayed with us for the weekend and helped my hubby put up our garage door opener. I'm glad we got to spend this time with him, as after Christmas he will be on his way to hang out with his girlfriend Christine in Philly.

Scotty got to meet Santa this past weekend. He didn't seem to mind sitting on the big guy's lap, in fact he didn't fuss one bit. He just stared at him and even cracked a smile.


  1. Your little guy is so cute!!! Just saying hi - from your newest follower!


  2. Such a cutie! Love the picture.
    The Tell him you'll trade with him.
    Hope you get to continue the WW @ work. We are trying to decide whether or not to renew another 17 week session. I hope we do.

  3. What a cutie pah-toot-ie! My 4 year old screamed so now I am in the Santa picture this year!!! Merry Christmas!!