Monday, December 7, 2009

I Had A DATE!!!

With my hubby that is. He decided last week that we needed to go out, just the two of us. He set up the babysitter and we hit the town yesterday afternoon. We went to the movies and saw The Blindside. Excellent movie if you haven't gotten the chance to see it. I starts out rather sad, but you know it is going to turn out great. It's not centered around football so for those that may not want to see it because of that..don't worry.

We then made a short trip across the street to World Market so I could buy a small gift for my supervisor at work. While there we made a beeline to the wine section. Ever since we bought our little wine fridge my hubby claims he is turning into a wine lover. So proceeded to purchase 6 bottles of wine of various types.

After shopping we went to eat at On The Border, a Mexican-style restaurant. They have some of our favorite chips and salsa. I ordered an avocado grilled enchilada and it was tasty. I think it needed a little kick, but I like my food spicy. Bill had southwest tacos which were equally as tasty with the fried onions on top.

It was so much fun to go out with my husband by ourselves. We decided that we needed to make it at least a monthly thing. I wonder where he will take me next??

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  1. I did this for the first time in FOREVER last week and it was wonderful!