Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We took a small roadtrip last weekend to Schaumburg to visit our friend Tommy at his Hooters restaurant. Tommy is a good friend of my hubby's and is a manager there. Plus we were having some major wing cravings....two weekends in a row!! Tommy loves seeing Scott which also provided us with some good laughs.

Tommy played a game with Scotty by blowing at his face.

At first he wasn't so for sure about the game but then....

he thought it was hilarious.

Scotty played with his toys but would then drop them for the servers to pick up. How does my little boy know how to get a girl's attention already?

Scott also thought it would be fun to try and get to his Daddy's beer. He got a bottle of formula shortly after this was taken.

We met Shannon, a 2010 Hooters calendar girl. She is the back cover girl for the calendar. She was very sweet and Scott seemed to enjoy having his picture with her too (as seen by his smirk).


  1. A boy's first trip to Hooters!! Awesome!!

  2. First trip always to be remembered in the arms of a calendar girl...Can I order her body?

  3. Oh and check my blog post tomorrow am...Got a little something for ya!