Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Down On the Farm

We spent the weekend down at my mom's house 3 hours away in Central Illinois. It is always a good time and full of suprises. Bill also had a IATA meeting on Sunday, so while he went to that I went to see my Dad too. It had been awhile since my Dad had seen Scott and he was extremely happy about getting the chance.

Sitting with Grandpa.

My dad's friend Helen thought it would be fun to have Scott pose with a pumpkin. He sat there long enough to have this picture taken. Hopefully she got a better one.

This is Uncle Pup (my mom's boyfriend) making juice in the morning with breakfast.

Daddy feeding Scott at 6 am when we thought he would sleep longer.

Moose steaks for dinner! They were tasty.

Chewing on his new teething ring and that's Grandma in the background.

Uncle Mark came to visit too!

Modeling the hat that Grandma and Uncle Pup bought in Canada.


  1. I dig family time...We are so fortunate to have fam live within 20 min..so I understand what it is to eat all that up when you get it!! Fun!!

  2. Scott is just the most adorable baby!!! His little smirk is just too cute!