Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scooty's First Day at the Sitter

So to start off this blog I have decided to begin with Scott's first day at the sitter's house.

We were lucky to find our sitter in the newspaper. She was running an ad that she was interested in watching teacher's kids. Since my husband Bill works at a high school and works with teachers we fit the description for our sitter Amy. We met with Amy earlier this summer and she seemed wonderful. She has 5 kids of her own, including an infant that is a month older then Scott. Scott is the only child she was able to get for the year which is great.

So today was Scott's first day with Amy. He had previously stayed with a student from Bill's high school and her mom for a few days before Amy was ready. I went to pick Scott up at 5pm and was super anxious to see what Amy had to say. He was laying in his travel bed because he was tired and needed a little nap. She said that he had a meltdown and she was unable to console him. She tried to call the ladies that watched him last week and was not able to find them. She finally got him to settle down doing something. She said that her kids wanted to help feed him and that he really liked her daughter. She also indicated that she would like to try a pacifier with him. This is something that Bill and I are not the biggest fan of and Scott doesn't really care for them.....so we shall see how this will play out. We really don't think Other then that I believe it was something very new for him and he is used to sleeping on someone so that will be an adjustment for him. All in all hopefully things will stay good and he will soon adjust.


  1. The inconsolable crying was my biggest fear this week when we went to the sitter for the first time. Luckily, he hasn't had any of those fits yet (hoping to avoid them). She says Tate is just such a good natured baby... yeah!!

    As for the pacifier, Tate takes one on occassion--doesn't always need it, and is perfectly content with his hand usually. However, I've heard that sucking is soothing for them. And who knows, maybe if only the babysitter gives it to him, he'll associate it with her and only want it there? (perhaps this is wishful thinking...)

  2. Luckily he didn't take the pacifier at the sitter's house....yeah for me at least. I think since it was the first day he was just really fussy. She said that he was good the rest of the week.