Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prunes and Cortland

Well my dear little Scott has been a little on the constipated side lately. He seems to struggle when he needs to take a little poo. So we decided to give him Gerber prunes. He has already started on rice cereal, applesauce and pears. Bill took the opportunity to feed Scott and well you can see how it turned out.....

Prunes all over the face and the bib and the washrag. The good thing was he loved the prunes and he came clean!!

We also made the trek out to Cortland to see how our house was coming along. I was so excited to see that we had carpet and grass!!! Two weeks and counting until we move in. Scott even got the chance to try out the new carpet.


  1. Too cute! It is hard to see where the prunes end, and baby begins. Scott seems to love the new carpet, it is like he posed for you in that picture.

  2. I have to laugh because it does look like he posed for me. I'm sure I would not be able to get him to do that again any time soon.

  3. Did he like the prunes? I haven't been brave enough to try them with Tate...

  4. He loved the prunes. It actually seemed like he couldn't get enough of them. I on the other hand was not a fan.