Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Next Michael Phelps??

I decided awhile ago that I wanted my kids to take swimming lessons. I think that it is very important for little ones to learn the basics so that just in case they ever get in a situation where they need to utilize swimming they would know what to do. So I found out that our local YMCA starts offering classes when kids are 6 months old. Perfect!!! Scott just turned 6 months old so I signed him up.

I can't say that he loved it and I can't say that he hated it as he was rather indifferent about the whole situation. He was put in a yellow floaty and we sang songs while doing different movements. For instance we sang a little song about a motorboat while having the little ones lay on their back and kick their feet. As Scott is only a baby I was the one kicking his feet. Six more weeks left, so I hope he smiles sometime soon while he is there.

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