Friday, May 14, 2010

Party Time and Some Pictures

Due to my lack of blogging I am having to play catch-up today. So here we go....Scott's first birthday party was on May 2nd and it was great. It was our first time having visitors at our house, other then our parents. I believe we had around 25 friends and family that came and you could tell that Scott could tell that it was his party. He had so much fun chasing his cousins around and licking his cake. I made an Elmo cake and he wasn't quite for sure what to do. So he put his hands on it and then tried to lick it. Despite the fact that he was pink from the Elmo cake afterwards, it was a lot of fun.

This year I celebrated my second Mother's Day. Last year Scott was a mere 2 weeks old so I was still excited from his entrance into the world. So this year we joined my brother and sister-in-law, my mom and her boyfriend, and my sister-in-laws parents at the horse track. They had gone last year and had a good time so we decided to go with them this year. At first I wasn't for sure how it would work out having a 12 month old at a horse track. Needless to say we had to keep him busy. With walking around, checking out the horses, and going to the petting zoo area, Scotty seemed to have a good time. He even picked a winning horse for one race....he picked the wrong horses for the next two. It was a lot of fun and I think it will be fun to make it a tradition.

And finally we got Scott's one year pictures back from our photographer and they are fantastic. Mary from Emme Elle Photography is amazing and does such great work. I had to share some of the pictures here.

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