Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Hungry

In the past few weeks my hubby and I began a partial South Beach diet. You know the do really well until there is an event such as July 4th and then you give it up for a day and from then on it seems to go downhill. This pretty much explains how we usually end up on our diet adventures. This time doesn't seem to be as bad.

The 4th got in the way with some not so healthy beverage choices but other then that we have been successfully keeping the carbs down. I've lost 7 lbs total in two weeks and I am excited about it. The fit of some of my clothes is fantastic and not so tight. The one downfall of this diet was week one. There is such a restriction in the type of food you can have that I felt like I was starving. I bypassed goodies at work for carrots and cauliflower. But this also encouraged me to look at what I was eating and how truly bad it was for me.

I currently play softball on Monday nights, which helps with the new training program I am planning to start this week. I have another 5K that I have my eyes set on at the end of July.

Also...kudos to my little brother for finishing 90th out of 235 in the Lakeside Triathlon this past weekend. He very impressive, especially for a first time triathlete.

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  1. My sis and her husband and I did the South Beach Diet for about two weeks not long ago. At first I felt like I was literally dying of starvation... I felt sick and weak and woozy... but after a few days I felt SO energetic and healthy! Sadly, after the two weeks were up I succumbed to the temptation to go back to drinking Dr. Pepper!