Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Back at It and A Baby in a Pot

Since I've more or less recovered from my allergy attack the past two weeks I have been back at my C25K program. On the advice of my athletic trainer husband I am starting over at week 2. It's not exactly where I wanted to start again but it works. I ran this past weekend and since I had the day off today I ventured out this afternoon. In fact I took Scott in his jogging stroller this time. I wasn't quite for sure how it would work out but I wasn't too far off my pace which is great! Scotty loved the ride and the change of scenery. Hopefully this is something I can continue with and it may even help my training.

My mom brought my husband a cooking pot for the kitchen. Well let's just say because it sat around on the floor for a few days Scott thought he would have fun with it.

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